Knowledge for a sustainable world

Research Group:
Ecosystem Services


  • Jane Robb. 2014 - 17. Decision-making processes and drivers of land use change in a REDD+ context.
  • Elsa Gudmunsdottir. 2014 -17. Market incentives for biodiversity conservation in Central America.
  • Hannah Scott. 2013 -16. Investigations into the structural features of pyrolysed organic carbon as a cause for changes in crop and soil agronomy.
  • John Pattison. 2013 - 16. The effectiveness of social and agricultural policies for increasing household food security in biodiversity hotspots in India.
  • Wahira Othman: Understanding mangrove forest social ecological systems to develop options for sustainable management in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Completed 2014
  • Rachel Chase
  • Menyene U Ekanem